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About Carol Mushota
Carol Mushota David is a Multipassionate Entrepreneur, PR and Image consultant, personal finance advisor,VOA and Transformational speaker, Workshop facilitator and Network marketer with over 15 years collectively Known to many as the avid and relentless Marketer,MLM consultant and trainer With a background in Telecoms,Banking, Online Marketing and Event Management Carol is eager to impart her life lessons and be part of the game changers globally.

Carol Passionately believes in the power of networking as one of the key pillars to an individuals success.

Carol is founder of Mompreneur Lifestyle Empowered which has a main focus but is not limited on empowering mothers who want to start a business and women who seek to be financially empowered, with home based part time or full time businesses, financial education and aims to transform mindsets.

Mompreneur Empowered International has brainchilds of empowerment CMTV media and coaching CDMA Online Academy & House of Giselles

She is also the founder of Transformed Woman a blog of Purpose of Holistic Transformers and a place where women find thier identity IN CHRIST in order to become better version of themselves in their personal business and ministry life.

In addition she is the Co Owner of Qucumber Solutions which is a Business consulting,PR,Events and Marketing company.

The Best way to predict the future is to create it now!

Contact carol to help you move your personal and business ideas from dreams to reality.

position yourself for impact position yourself to be noticed

✔Make use of social media ✔brand your product or service ✔Improve your image or your business space ✔improve your CV/Resume and Profiles ✔create content for your social media handles ✔power of merchandising ✔Grow your base With Event planning ✔improve your teams productivity
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Labour  pains Uncategorized
September 20, 2019

Labour pains

Labour pains in my experience are the most excruciating pains a human being can have…in my experience, being a mom of three this was my experience. However today I was not experiencing those labour pains. I was experiencing the labour pains of being an entrepreneur, the sloooow and frustrating wifi…

Carol Mushota

Labour pains